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Victory Family International (VFI)

formally known as (Christ Foundation Family) is a non-denominational and politically independent charity umbrella Common Initiative Group, registered under Cameroonian Law NW/GP/No30/01/5582. Caroline Lochschmidt is the founder of the Common Initiative Group in 2001. This option for the underprivileged children is an inspiration triggered by their poor conditions, abandonment and abuse of their rights.

The common phenomenon in Cameroon rural areas today is the increased number of orphans whose parents have died prematurely due to illnesses such as malaria TB and HIV AIDS. Furthermore, many children do not have support of parents who suffer disabilities or mental illness. Some of these underprivileged children are cared for by relatives, who often cannot afford to meet their educational and health care needs do to the fact that they are surviving by subsistence farming, the cost involved are rarely achievable. Poor children with disabilities are 10 times less likely to go to school than children without disabilities, and often suffer discrimination leaving them less educated and in poorer health condition. Such destructive practices cause injury whether deliberate or undeliberate emotional, physical, social and financial acts. When despised or scolded, the victims develop psychological insights and pressure that inhibit life to them. Often they are driven to doldrums fear and some recoil from the public even at their own risk. Furthermore, most of them live on streets because they are homeless and are exploited by people who take advantage of them. This abuse, ill treatment and abandonment of the underprivileged children is often overlooked.

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